8 CUTTING TOOLS you need for sewing

There are some sarong-style skirts and tie tops you can make with shawls and scarves – other than that all sewing involves some cutting. And cutting paper patterns, fabric and thread before and during sewing is one of the most important facets of sewing that I have a post on it separately on how to cut fabric.

1. Laser-Guided Precision Scissors

  • Straight Fast Laser Guided Scissors Sewing Laser Scissors Cuts These professional scissors cut straight and accurately in no time with just the press of a button.
  • Our laser guided scissors are easy to use, light touch operation makes them ideal for people who suffer from arthritis. Cuts faster than any other scissors available. Use for crafts, wrapping gifts, fabric and more.

2. Antique Sewing Scissors

Antique Scissors are used for cutting various thin materials, such as paper, cardboard, metal foil, cloth, rope, and wire.

3. Vintage Floral Tailor Scissors

  • Vintage European style copper plated metal plum blossom embroidery scissors
  • Scissors have sharp points for detail work
  • Perfect for cutting in tight spaces, quick snips and trimming thread
  • An ideal gift or a great addition to your own collection
  • Pack of 1, size: 115*54*5mm, copper color

4. Vintage Heron Tailor's Scissors (2 Pieces)


  • Made of finest stainless steel and resist corrosion, rust, and stain.Using for a long time
  • Have pointed edge and sharp blades, can save time to finish your work.perfect for cutting thread and paper items, but not for heavy yarn or hard fabric.
  • Suitable for embroidery, needlework, crewel, sewing, crafting and other ideal gifts for friends who like DIY

    5. Handy Scissors

    Handy Scissors are small pairs of scissors that are specifically used for trimming off any excess thread in your material.

    6. Zig Zag Tailor Scissors

    These scissors have a zigzag edge which prevents the fabric edges from fraying and unraveling. This is a great and easy way to finish fabric edges.

    7. Seam Ripper (Sewing Thread Cutter Tool)

    I should have mentioned this as the first most essential cutting tool. I depend on this small little tool for my sewing life – so many wrong seams all cut open with this handy thingie to be set right again. Whoever invented this thing has my gratitude for all his /her hundred lives.

    Seam ripper cuts open threads without damaging the fabric. Keep the thing in its plastic case and away from kids when not in use.

    8. 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter

    28mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter

    These are cutting tools which look like pizza cutters and they usually come with self-healing mats on which you place the fabric and cut. This is perfect to have if you frequently have to cut many layers of fabric at once. Very useful for cutting thick fabric like faux fur, felt and vinyl. You will not believe the clean smooth cut this one gives.

    Just like scissors, you should not be cutting paper with this if you do not want to dull the blades. Most rotary cutters come with spare blades.


    Rotary Cutter Blade Refill Pack

    • ☺ NO WOBBLES - Do not worry! Blades Will Fit Perfect with Your Cutter and Will Not Wobbles while you Cut, this 45mm Replacement Blade set is compatible with All 45mm Rotary Cutters, Including - Fiskars, Olfa, Clover, Dafa, Martelli, and Trucut.
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    • ☺ ALL PURPOSE & LONG LASTING BLADES - Our Blades Are Perfect for Cutting Multiple Layers of Fabric, Paper, Felt, and Vinyl. They Come Pre-Lubricated to Prevent Rusting and Dulling of Blades.
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