Bobbin Tower Storage 101


Keep your bobbins organized! This innovative tool neatly organizes up to 30 bobbins. It can hold any type of bobbin and secures threads -- no more tangles! Conveniently see all your thread colors at a glance.

Note from Mary Summers: "I had a drawer filled with loose bobbins -- what a mess! Now I have my bobbins neatly organized next to my sewing machine. What a great organizer!"

This is such a great product which I've just started selling and I have to say, I love it! I have two of them on my work table and they help me keep everything nicely organized.

Keep all your bobbins in one place and see them all stacked neatly. You'll love it.

This tower will hold up to 30 bobbins and you can stack them 5 at a time. 

  • Keep your bobbins organized
  • No more tangles
  • Neatly stores 30 bobbins
  • See all your thread colors

Bobbin Tower Storage (30 Bobbins)



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