What’s the Project? Learn how to make a hooded towel quickly and easily. This basic hooded towel tutorial will teach you to make a large towel that moms and kids will love. 

Is there anything better than a baby who has just been bathed? Baby heads smell so good! Or how about a cute toddler all washed and smelling amazing wrapped in a cozy hooded towel? I miss the days of little ones all washed and clean and snuggly. But I love to give hooded towels as baby gifts because they are wonderful to have around when you’ve got little ones.

Making one of these basic towels is easy. And you’re going to love having one of these for your kids. They are so big and last for years and years. My kids have used them up to about 8 years old. I’ll show you in this post how to make a hooded towel and then if you want you can move beyond and make fun animal hooded towels too.

Here’s a peek at what you can make as you learn to master the art of hooded towels:

Browse all of the hooded towel patterns here.


But first, you need your basic hooded towel. Then you can add the fun cute faces. Or just keep it simple because they are pretty great that way too.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 bath towel (any size)
  • 1 coordinating hand towel (you will only use half)

*You might need a heavy duty needle for this. My machine will sew through this just fine, but be warned, your machine might struggle sewing through several layers of towel. If you break a needle you might want to try getting a heavy duty needle.

Start out by cutting your hand towel in half across the short size so that it ends up short and fat. Then, with the finished edge fold it under about 4 inches or so and sew that in place:

You can decide which side you want to have on the outside of your hood and which you want inside. If you are doing an animal face you need the underside to be the face. So NOT the part, you see above. Flip that over and use the other side. If you are just doing a basic hooded towel, just choose which side you like best.

If you are doing an animal towel, you will do the face now. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Now, fold the hand towel in half so that right sides are together (meaning your outside part is inside for now). See the image below. The polka dots are the right side of the fabric so I have to fold them together so that they are touching and are on the inside. You are going to do a zigzag stitch up the raw edge to form the hood: (so in this picture you are sewing on the right side)

That’s it. Your hood is done.

Now, on the bath towel, on each of the 2 sides fold the edge under about 4 inches and sew it in place: (this has a decorative stitch-you can use that or just a straight stitch)

Now, find the center of your towel on the long side. You are now going to form a little pleat that looks like this. To do that you are just folding about 1 inch in from each side and pinning it in place:

Zigzag that pleat into place.

Now you need to attach your hood to your towel. Center the hood so that the seam of the back of the hood matches up with the center of the pleat you just made. Pin the rest of the hood in place along the top of the towel and then zigzag it in place:

It should look like this when you are done:

And that’s it. You’ve got yourself a hooded towel!

I hope that you’ve been successful learning how to make a hooded towel. And I hope you have fun making many more!




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