Magic Embroidery Pen Review

Magic embroidery pens are all the rage now. While the term might seem contemporary, magic embroidery pens are used for a traditional craft called punch-needle embroidery.

This embroidery technique has been around for thousands of years, originating in ancient Egypt. Recently, the craft has regained its popularity in the US, which has led to the current hype of magic embroidery pens.

Some might think that punch-needle embroidery can replace hand or machine embroidery, since both crafts involve stitching by hand. However, do not be mistaken, as these two have different characteristics.

Punch-needle embroidery requires a hollow needle to create unique loop stitches. Conversely, hand embroidery uses conventional sewing or embroidery needles to create smooth, even stitches.

Let’s take a look below to find out more about punch-needle embroidery. Also, we will see how this magic embroidery pen can be used to carry out this embroidery technique.

How Does Punch-Needle Embroidery Work?

Punch-needle embroidery refers to punching a thread into the fabric to form a series of small loops. These loops form a three-dimensional texture which gives the embroidery a rug-like appearance.

Some people may even choose to trim the loops to create a unique furred texture. To create these loops, a magic embroidery pen is used. The middle of the pen has a hollow needle which allows the thread to go through it.

It also has a needle eye at the pointed end of the pen so that the embroidery floss can be threaded. This short video showcases this process perfectly (though being a video on YouTube it is required by law to have some ghastly, inappropriate background music!):

Once the embroidery pen has been threaded correctly, you can hold it as you would with a conventional writing pen. It is then positioned perpendicular to the fabric with the pointed edge facing it.

When you punch the pen’s sharp end into the fabric, make sure the depth gauge meets the fabric. Then, through that same hole, pull the needle slowly towards you.

To create a loop, move the pen slightly further from you, and repeat the same steps again. You can continue this process until your design pattern is filled. It is recommended that before working inwards, do the outline first.

As such, using a magic embroidery pen is easy due to its small learning curve. Let’s review the rest of the pen’s features to see why you should purchase one now.


Magic Embroidery Pen: Features

The magic embroidery pen includes the pen and other essential tools. Made of durable, ABS-plastic, the ergonomic structure of the pen provides a comfortable yet stable grip. This allows you to needle-punch with ease.

The length of the needle can be easily adjusted with the built-in needle handle. Simply push the white dial up or down to get your preferred length.

Do note that the right needle length is essential to your desired embroidery pattern, as it will determine the size of your thread loops.

There are three interchangeable needles, in small, medium, and large sizes. This is to accommodate a different number of embroidery floss strands.

For instance, you can thread between one to three strands with the smallest needle to create delicate loops. Conversely, the largest needle can be used to thread the full six strands of embroidery floss or yarn.

To teach you how to change the needles, there is an instruction manual with detailed steps included. This is useful for first-timers who are new to magic embroidery pens.

Furthermore, four needle threaders are included in this set. This is vital for pulling the thread through your embroidery pen and into the needle eye. With four threaders, you won’t have to worry about misplacing one.

Another important tool is the embroidery hoop. It has a brass adjustment screw to adjust the tightness of the fabric as necessary. This ensures the cloth will be sufficiently taut to prevent unraveling of your loop stitches.

Lastly, the set contains a pair of scissors to complement your basic toolkit for punch- needle embroidery. It also comes with two butterfly appliques to supplement your finished design.


This magic embroidery pen set has met with a favorable reception. Given its price point, it is an affordable way to try out punch-needle embroidery without too much hassle.

Most of the tools included in the set are of adequate quality. For instance, the hoop is made of a sturdy material that secures the fabric in place. This ensures that the stitches are well-aligned with the design pattern.

In addition, the extensive color range of threads is impressive without the need to purchase additional embroidery floss.

The instruction manual is good at teaching beginners how to use the product. In fact, this pen is so easy to use that you are likely to master it within a day.

However, when using the embroidery pen, do take care not to exert too much force. It is possible for the sharp, pointed edge of the pen to slice through the fabric and ruin your design.

Another downside is that it does not come with any fabric, so you will have to purchase this separately.

It is highly recommended to use weaver’s cloth as your fabric for punch-needle embroidery. Denim and twill are also great alternatives. The rationale is that these fabrics are tightly woven to ensure the loops will be held securely in place.

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The pen’s easy-to-use function and its accompanying instructional guide make it relatively effortless to pick up this niche technique. Hence, if you have never tried punch-needle embroidery before, we suggest you give this one a go.

Moreover, the affordable price tag and a wide array of tools included in the set makes it great value for money. With a single set, you are equipped with most of the essentials needed for your first design.

For those who are interested in punch-needle embroidery, this magic embroidery pen set could become your new best friend.

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