October Diva: 10 Questions For @Peroksidine

Instagram: @Peroksidine  Website: peroksidineblondine.blogspot.com

1. Hi Peroksidine. Congratulations on becoming October Diva. Tell us more about yourself?

I am a 18 years old girl from Lithuania. Lithuania is a quite small country in Northern Europe. I live here since I was born. I love my country, I am a true patriot. 

Source: Peroksidine

2. Interesting country! I will definitely have to go there one day to check out the beautiful nation. Can you share about what you like to do in your free time?

I really like blogging. Blogging is not a simple hobby or thing to do in my free time. It is a part of my life, my passion. I started to blog when I was 15 I guess. Or even younger. I tried it for no reason, I had not any purposes on that. I just tried, because it seemed so fun to me. And it is. It is really fun and delightful. That feeling when you get good comments, when other people support you and encourage you to do what you do, that feeling is amazing and really warms my heart. Moreover, I like makeup. Doing my makeup everyday, buying makeup, reading and learning about makeup is also part of my free time. 

3. What is your ambition in life?

To became a graphic designer. I love graphic design, I know a lot of things about it already. I know this much, that I could fearlessly do money from this, but... I want to became a professional, who knows his job from A to Z and can offer an optimum product. I plan to go to college and hone and unleash my artistic talents.

4. What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Every woman in this enormous world should try to be honest with themselves. I mean, you should leave a job you never wanted, cut off the friendship with those girls which you do not like anyway, cut your long hair short if you want to even if everybody say that you rock that long hair and to cut them is a sin. I think that every woman should do whatever they want, not others. Then they will see the beauty of the world and pleasure to be a woman. 


5. What brings you the greatest satisfaction?

To me, the greatest satisfaction in life is thanks. I mean I collect them. I collect every single "thank you" that was told to me. I love helping people, I love listening to their problems and giving a hand when they really need it. I just adore that feeling when someone says "you helped me a lot, thank you". In my point of view, "thank you" are the best words I could ever hear. It is even better than "I love you" to me. It just is. 

6. What is your fashion style and beauty secret?

I could talk hours about fashion and beauty! It is inexhaustible topic for me! Speaking about fashion secrets, I do not have a lot of them. But I have something to say to those girls who are looking for their personal style. Seek inspiration! It is a great way to figure out what you like and dislike. Do a bit of research via Google, Pinterest, fashion bloggers or Instagram. Find your fashion icons and stick to them. You will see that having your own style is not such a big deal. You only need to put some time and effort, love and sincerity. This is what I personally did and I have found my own style. That style is so mine, that I even do not know a name for it. It is just my style.

Well, and for a beauty secret I have to say that is important to be confident. Nothing makes a woman prettier than confidence. You should love yourself, you should see not the imperfections only and you definitely should know that you are beautiful and nobody has a power to say vice versa. Even you.


7. What quote do you live by?

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” The longer I live, the clearer I understand that there is no point to became a person which everyone likes. It just is a very unwise thing to do. So, in my opinion, we should enjoy ourselves, be ourselves and not try to impress someone. It is just not the way how life works.

8. Glass half empty or glass half full. Why?

Glass half full. Why? Because I am a true optimist. I am able to see good things in bad, if its absurd to you, it is joke for me. It is just how my head works. I prefer not to overthink things, not to cry right away if something really bad happens. I believe that there is a better tomorrow!

9. What does Diva mean to you?

The word Diva to me is a short description of a woman who will do anything to get what she wants.  She will never give up after first failure, she will always look good and be an example of a true stubborn woman. All these words are put into one - Diva

10. What is your favourite item on Dress The Diva and why?

My favourite item on the Dress The Diva is Diva Snare Drum Necklace (https://www.dressthediva.com/collections/necklace/products/diva-snare-drum-necklace). I do not know why. Maybe because of its simplicity and minimalism. It is just so me: specific, simple, modest but impressive and unique.



  • Naomi Kent

    proud to be a woman!

  • Peroksidine

    Lucy Cannings , thank you very much!

  • Lucy Cannings

    great content! i must say. i admire women who are so brave and have the ability to be themselves.
    all the best October Diva!
    Stay strong girl. stay strong.

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