2018 New Year’s Sewing Resolutions - or - Why We Love Sewing Truly, Madly, Deeply

Goals. Resolutions. Promises to keep. Whatever you call them, and whether they’re tacked to the front of the fridge or simply rolling around in one corner of your brain… it’s the time of year when we’re expected to take stock and make plans. Here at Sew4Home, we have a slightly different suggestion for 2018… at least when it comes to your sewing resolutions, but maybe for your other passions as well. Before forging ahead with the next big thing, stop for just a moment to think back to the beginnings of your sewing experience and remember why. Why do you love sewing “truly, madly, deeply”? Because once you remember why, the who, what, when, and where of that next adventure start to come into sharper focus. 


The creativity. The ability to take a stack of flat fabric, some thread, interfacings, and possibly a few pieces of hardware, and bring it together into something to use, to wear, to give as a gift. Is it perfect? Maybe yes; maybe no. It doesn’t matter. And that’s the truth inside “truly.” It’s about what inspires you – what speaks to the heart of your creativity. When it’s something handmade, it means you’ve touched it and brought it to life. You’ve taken those flat pieces, those bits, and bobs, and molded them into an entirely new thing that is unique to you.


The technology. Just when we think the machines and tools that help us create can’t get any more amazing... BAM! There’s something new and even more amazing. Wireless Internet connection from our sewing machines, iPad apps, mini this and maxi that, specialized rulers, cutters, even smarter pins! Can a better mousetrap be far behind?! The innovations keep opening up new ways to make sewing easier, faster, and more precise so our finished projects look more professional and better than ever.


The connections. We’re not talking plugs and ports this time. It’s the people. The women and men who are part of the sewing, quilting and crafting community are a special band of compatriots. We lift each other up, we’re thrilled to witness another’s success, we’re excited to take advantage of someone’s ingenious new idea. The love of what we do pulls us together so we can celebrate everything that makes up this crazy creative world. And so we can remind ourselves, “All is well - I own a seam ripper.”


Credits: https://sew4home.com/tips-resources/interviews-inspirations/2018-new-year%E2%80%99s-sewing-resolutions-or-why-we-love-sewing


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