25 Plastic Bobbins + Storage Box

Don't You Just Hate It....

When You've Run Out Of Bobbin Thread
In The Middle Of Sewing Something Fiddly?!

Finally...... A Simple Solution:

Pre-wind Your Bobbins in the Matching Colour 
BEFORE You Thread Up the machine!

And... Store all you Pre-wound Your Bobbins 
In This Fabulous Clear Bobbin Box!

Here is your opportunity to save yourself time and frustration..... 

Grab ALL twenty-five (25) of these empty clear plastic Janome Bobbins (11mm high)..... so you can be fully prepared before you start any sewing project!

What's more... you get a clear plastic bobbin box to carry all 25 bobbins! 

Keeping your sewing space organised has never been so easy!

Especially when you enlist the help from this clear bobbin box, which has two parts: 

  1. The lid, and
  2. The base, which houses 25 bobbins 

The two parts are hinged together so you wouldn't lose the lid.

Your 25 bobbins now have a secure home, nesting in their own compartments. 
The box measures approx. 12 cm x 10 cm (excluding hinges) x 3 cm high.

What would it be like to NEVER run out of bobbin thread, ever again?

And, ALWAYS know where to find your prepared bobbin in the RIGHT colours, instead of hunting through your sewing basket!

What would it be like to NEVER run out of bobbin thread, ever again?

This type of clear plastic bobbins are most widely used in today's modern sewing machines.

Know as "Type M" or "Type A".... sometimes also called "NEBS" or equivalent to Janome 202-010-027.

They are suitable for Most Janomes, Singers, and some late model Brothers.
(Note: please check with your manufacturer to be sure prior to purchasing.... just in case)
Why is it so important to use the correct bobbin for your sewing machine?

Here's what Janome Australia say on their website:
And what do other users say about their clear plastic bobbins?
Yes, these bobbins here are Generic ones. 

They are made with the same specification and quality of workmanship as other branded bobbins.

Sure, you can pay up to $60 for 25 branded bobbins..... so why not take advantage of the saving you can make by purchasing from us?

We are less than HALF PRICE...... so you will have more cash to spend on fabrics (YAY)!
If you stick with using the plastic bobbins your finished stitches will look great - no matter what kind of stitch pattern you select!

There are 25 bobbins here so you can have a variety of thread colours at the ready. 

I am so sure that you are going to love these Bobbins, that I am willing to completely guarantee them!
Grab This Now!

25 Pre-Wound Bobbins (With Case)

Rainbow Sewing Plastic Bobbins (25-Piece)


Credits: http://www.sewmucheasier.com/25-empty-plastic-bobbins-storage-box


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