5 Reasons Why You Need a Flower Stitch Foot

A flower stitch foot is among the popular specialty sewing machine feet these days and it is for the 5 following reasons:

1. It lets you come up with cool and trendy designs on the cloth!

2. It is easy to use!

3. You could do some really amazing and surprising magical stitching with this!

4. The foot looks cute!

5. Though a flower stitch foot is traditionally utilized for making tiny decorative circles on the cloth, this can also be used together with the water soluble stabilizer so as to form all kinds of decorative effects. It makes the flower stitch foot an excellent tool to use when creating fringes or dangly things!

If you want to use this with water soluble stabilizer, please read on and learn the steps that you should take here:

What You Require:


Get a tiny piece of water soluble stabilizer. If possible, choose the one that appears like cloth and not plastic as it is much stable. Usually, you just need one layer to use and you could sew on it without the use of an embroidery loop. It washes out easily. This time, you will need to attach the flower stitch foot and then choose a straight stitch and then sew the circle.

You have to switch to the satin stitch and then sew on the top part of the sewed circle. Please repeat the entire process through making a group of circles in random sizes. The straight stitch would serve as the underlay and would prevent the stitches from unraveling completely when the water soluble stabilizer was swept away.

Draw a border design on another piece of water soluble stabilizer using a half inch border on the top that measures roughly 6 inches long and numerous lengthy drops of around 6 inches to 8 inches. Roughly take away the stitched circles but do not rinse yet and then position them alongside the drop lines. A small dab of water at the back side of cut-out circles would hold such pieces and keep them in place. Just be sure that you would be extra careful when adding water as too much water can make them disappear.

You can make use of an ornamental machine stitch, sew some rows of covering stitches alongside the vertical drops and horizontal border then make use of a straight stitch and sew rows of cross-over stitches, connecting the circles to one another. This time, wash away the water soluble stabilizer and let the piece to dry and then press with a flat iron.

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