Best Sewing Gadgets: My Top Picks!

There’s always a lot of talk about the best gadgets coming out. Often, these gadgets are high end electronics that can cost into the hundreds. But what about sewing gadgets?

A lot of people look to sewing machines or embroidery machines when considering sewing gadgets. But let’s look at the definition of gadget: “a small mechanical or electronic device or tool.”By that definition, there are many different types of sewing tools available on the market that are exceptionally useful and budget friendly!

Laser Guided Scissors

The name of this ingenious little tool brings up images of high tech laser guided missiles.

Just as in the missile, the laser on these scissors is meant to guide path of the tool in a straight line. Now, these scissors are still subject to human error but the laser line that is projected across the item being worked on. These scissors might feel a bit bulky to some users as the laser definitely adds extra weight so that is definitely a factor to consider. The laser is powered by the small coin shaped lithium batteries that are often found in watches. These are not super common batteries so be sure to keep a few on hand if these scissors are a go-to for projects or you may find yourself without the laser.

Handheld Portable Sewing Machine

To many, this may not be a tool for a serious seamstress. Why not just use a more advanced sewing machine?

The case for this gadget is in convenience. For those that are on the run when they notice a hem pulling out, this machine can be a life saver. It’s also great for sewers who are always cutting it close on project deadlines. I see this happen a lot with cosplayers who are trying to finish up hems and small details in airports on the way to the convention. This gadget is can be battery powered by conventional AA batteries on some models but can also come as hand powered models so it is super easy to keep running. The stitches may not be as straight or polished as a traditional sewing machine but in a pinch it is a sewer’s best friend.

Wonder Clips

Wonder Clips are the brand name for sewing clips. These little tools are great to add to your sewing box.

They originated with sewers who would use them to help with binding but all sewers have found them quite useful. They can hold onto fabric just like pins but without the risk of stabbing yourself in the hand. They also don’t leave pin marks so are perfect for silks and leathers. They can also handle the thicker sections of fabric where pins would normally bend.

Bias Tape Makers

Anyone who has tried to match their fabric to commercially available pre-made bias tape knows how difficult it can be.

Additionally, bias tape generally has limited fabric choices and usually only comes in solid colors. These little devices allow you to make your own bias tape. Now you can make bias tape in the exact fabric you are using including prints or specialty fabrics.

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