Blind Hem Stitch Foot

Are you sick of that ever-growing pile of pants / skirts / whatever that need blind-hemming... because you're just not in the mood for hand-sewing? 

How many times have you gone to get dressed in a hurry, only to find the hems of your pants or skirts have come undone, but there is NO time to go to your tailor for blind-hems?
Most of us have experienced this, sometimes all too often....

We all LOVE professionally finished "invisible" hems, where you cannot see the stitches on the right side of the garment.

This invisible stitch is called a "Blind Hem". Traditionally it is all done by hand, but these days clothing manufacturers simply run them up using a blind hem machine, often with clear nylon thread so you really can't see the hem.

This is great until the stitching comes undone. Yep, it happens. Just like how buttons come off your garments as soon as there is a loose thread, your blind hem also can unravel just as easily, if not more....

That means you often end up with LOTS of small repair jobs of blind hemming! Not fun....
Ask anybody who sews..... 

There's NOTHING more frustrating than having to rush and hand-finish your blind hem just before you need to go out - when you need them in a MAD hurry...! 

What if sewing blind hems on your garments quickly and perfectly was easier than you think?

What would it be like to NEVER have to worry about blind hems unraveling - and No more frustrations, No more time wasted, No more "ouch" moments from pin pricks when you rush to finish your hem by hand, ever again?
Imagine being able to finish ALL your hems invisibly with professional-looking blind hems, on your own machine, done easily, quickly, and with Great Results EVERY TIME because you know how!

Often the hard part is to come up with exactly the right tool, for the right job, at the right price.
As a formally trained Fashion & Textile Designer, and now a Quilter and Patchwork Teacher I have spent 10 years sharing the joy of Patchwork and teaching others. 

So I know that how much easier it will be for you to create beautiful results with less frustration and physical discomfort simply by having the right tools for the job. After all... we all want to have fun enjoying our hobby and rather than struggling and swearing... right?

The Secret Weapon that takes the stress out of blind hemming is a Universal Adjustable Blind Hem Foot.

The full name is "Universal Adjustable Blind Hem Foot". 

Using this foot ensures your blind hem is always neat and professional-looking; without having to painstakingly hand finish your garments!

This Generic Blind Hem Foot is the perfect partner for your Top Loading Low Shank Janome Computerised Sewing Machine, such as a Janome 19110 (which we also sell. See our other listings).

This foot also fits your Basic Front Loading Janome models, such as Janome RE1306 (available from K-Mart).

Designed to fit all Top Loading & Basic Front Loading Janome Models with Low Shank, it has been made to equivalent specification by a reputable manufacturer and it has the same quality workmanship.

This Generic Universal Adjustable Blind Hem Foot will soon be your indispensable companion: 

  • A perfect partner for your Low Shank Janome Sewing Machine, such as a Janome 19110 (which we also sell. See our other listings).
  • Designed to fit all Top Loading & some Basic Front Loading Janome and other brands of domestic machines with Low Shank - perfect for everyone!
  • Made with durable Metal & Resin, this Foot has been made to equivalent specification by a reputable manufacturer and it has the same superior workmanship without the price tag... so you can go fabric shopping with the money you save (YAY)!

What is a Blind Hem?

A blind hem refers to an invisible hem - as opposed to a straight stitched hem where you can see the stitch line on the right side of your garment.

Blind hems are commonly used on better quality / more dressy garments such as tailor pants and skirts.

Do I need a presser foot for blind hem? 

Yes. Unless you want to hand-sew your blind hems the traditional ways...

Hand sewing takes time that most of us do not have. Using the blind stitch on your sewing machine*  can be almost as invisible as a hand sewn blind stitch. 

Having the correct foot and learning how to use it saves you hours of hand sewing. 

 *Yes, blind hem stitch is available on most sewing machines, even if you never got a blind hem foot with your machine.

What makes this foot "universal"? How does it adjust?

Take a closer look, you will see this adjustable screw or "dial" which controls the white "guide".

By moving the dial, you will notice that whole guide moves - left or right.

This means no matter where your needle position might be, or whether your machine allows you to change needle positions, you can ALWAYS make fine adjustments to ensure that your blind hem comes out perfect - to suit your particular garment - no matter what fabric type of weight.

For BEST results, test on a piece of scrap first....


How "invisible" is this blind hem done on my machine?

Just like hand-stitched blind hems, the machine-sewn version is not completely invisible, but ALMOST invisible. You'd have to look fairly closely to see it...

Depending on the fabric, texture, print & colour of your fabric can also determine how invisible your blind hems are.

Of course, the blind hem stitch done on a domestic sewing machine is not going to look identical to the result of an industrial blind hemmer....

You probably don't have a hemmer sitting around (nor would you want to - an industrial hammer only does blind hem and nothing else), but you can achieve very similar effects with the blind hem stitch - it??s the next best thing to an industrial hemmer. 

How on earth is blind hem done on a sewing machine? 

Easy. With a nifty stitch pattern, and some simple yet clever folding of your hem.

Have a look at your sewing machine: a blind hem stitch consists of three straight stitches in a row and then one zig-zag stitch (see "a"). There is also a version for stretch fabric, where the 3 straight stitches are replaced by three tiny zig-zags (see "b") to allow movements in the fabric when it stretches.

The idea is to have the straight stitch on the folded material of the hem and the zig-zag just catch a few threads of the main body of fabric. When you turn your piece right sound out, you will barely see small "dots" of thread being caught - ever so slightly - by the needle and holding your bottom hem in place.

The amount of fabric that is caught by the needle on the main part of your garment will effect the amount of thread that is visible. Consistency and an equal amount of fabric being caught is the key to having small, even "dots" or stitches on the right side of your garment - a little practice will make all the difference!

Here's a Quick "How To" Guide to creating blind hems....

Before you begin, the first point of reference your sewing machine manual is the best resource to learning how to use any functions on your sewing machine. This guide does not replace your sewing machine manual and is meant to compliment the information available in your sewing machine manual.

Make sure your blind hem presser foot is attached to the machine corr
ectly, and you are able to adjust the guide by moving the dial to move the positioning of your guide in relation to your needle.

As with all the other sewing techniques, 
practice before you use this technique on your projects.
(1) Wrong Side of the fabric / garment

(2) 0.4 to 0.7 cm (1/4" inch or quarter inch)
To start, prepare the raw edges by zig-zag / overcast or overlock [A]. 

You can also simply fold extra seam allowance into the hem instead [B], so the raw edge is in fact inside the hem.

[A] This method is suited to heavy weight fabrics
[B] This method is suited to light or medium weight fabrics

First, fold up the hem at the length where you'd like the finished garment to be. Press.

With the overlocked [A] / folded edge [B] towards your right, facing the sewing machine, fold the rest of the fabric / garment away from your edge, leaving a 0.4 - 0.7 cm (1/4" inch or quarter inch) allowance. See Diagram 1 above.
Next, position the fabric / garment so that the needle just pierces the edge of the top fold when the needle swings to the furthest left it will go. Lower the presser foot. See Diagram 2 above.
(3) Dial
(4) Guide
(5) Top folded edge
Turn the "dial" to adjust the guide, aligning with the top folded edge.

Select the blind hem stitch on your machine and start sewing. See Diagram 3 above. 

Be sure your stitches are within the allowance from Diagram 1, and the longest stitch on your zig-zag catches just enough fabric (see "Handy Tip" below) on your top folded edge. 
Now your blind hem is done! Does it look good?

Let's find out by opening the fold and have a look at the right side (see Diagram 4 below)....
(6) Right side of fabric / garment
You should end up with a neat row of tiny dots, barely visible (see photo below). 
Give it a good press with some steam, it will be even less visible after that!
What else can I do with a blind hem stitch?

Use this technique for hemming lined drapes, curtains, roman shades, side hems for draperies - and any other soft furnishing around the house. Save bucks by doing it all yourself!
With a straight stitch and using the guide on this foot for quick & perfect edge-stitching or top-stitching on your project. Creating professional results has never been easier!
Try some decorative tucks and interesting scalloped edges. Make your project one-of-a-kind!
First, prepare your pieces by folding in the edges (it's easy if you're using freezer paper method*) and tacking them into your block.....

*Quick Instruction on Freezer Paper Method:
Trace and cut shapes out of freezer paper, iron their shiny sides onto the wrong side of your fabric, cut shapes out of fabric leaving a seam allowance around your shapes, then fold &  press the seam allowance "into the shapes" (a little starch helps), leaving a smooth folded edge.
Then use a mono-filament (clear nylon thread) or matching cotton thread on your machine, and simply blind-hem the applique pieces around their edges. 

Or, be different and use a contrasting thread (see photo on the left)!

This is the quickest way to whiz up fabulous applique quilts as if you've spend ages doing needle-turn by hand!
Don't worry, we won't tell anyone....
Keen To Try It Out For Yourself?

I'm so sure that you are going to love your new Universal Adjustable Binding Foot, that I am willing to completely guarantee it... so you'll be able to try it out for yourself and see first hand how much of a difference it makes absolutely risk free!

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What's more.... the money you invest in this essential tool is nothing to how much more you'll enjoy your hobby with your new found secret weapon...
Plus, you can now experience the difference of Universal Adjustable Blind Hem Foot for yourself absolutely risk free. I know you'll be glad you did. 

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