What’s the Project? Want to make some stockings this year to hang or to give as a gift? Use this easy Christmas stocking pattern to sew a stocking in about 10 minutes.

This post is the brainchild of my husband. Gotta give credit where credit is due! I was thinking out loud to him that I needed some more ideas for the holiday season and he said: “how about 5-minute stockings?” Now, of course, I have thought of doing a stocking tutorial in the past, but I think maybe I thought it was overdone already? I don’t know. But I hadn’t done one.

But I know that quick and easy sewing tutorials are a favorite project idea with my readers, and yes, you can make this stocking in-not 5 minutes like my husband suggested (he doesn’t sew, so what does he know about it really?)-but in 10 minutes. Or, 8. I started at 11:31 and was finished by 11:39. And that’s while watching Gilmore Girls too! So, here you have it, a very free, easy Christmas stocking pattern and tutorial!

How to make Christmas stockings-it’s seriously so easy! They are too much fun! And you can do them with any fabric you want. I chose to use fur because I thought it would be cute on the inside and I love it! But you can use fleece or just cotton for both layers or whatever you want!

I think these would also be cute filled up with fun items for your friends!

So let’s do it, shall we?



Supplies Needed: 

  • 1/2 yard each of two fabrics (I used fur for the inside-you can use whatever you want. Fleece, cotton, fur, minky, etc)
  • Ribbon to create a hanger (optional)
  • Stocking Pattern Pieces


Sewing Instructions: 

Print and cut the pattern pieces and tape them together. PLEASE make sure that you are certain that you are printing them at 100%. Otherwise, your stocking won’t be a great size.  Tape one to two and two to three. Three is slightly too big for the page so just fill in that little bit that cut off.

Fold your fabric in half and cut around your stocking pattern so that you have 2 pieces that are mirror images of each other. Do this with both of your fabrics for a total of 4 pieces.

Grab your first two pieces-your outer fabric ones and place them on right sides together. Sew around the sides and bottom. Clip the curve of the stocking (the front of the ankle) with little snips. This helps it turn better without puckering.

Now get your inner fabric and do the same thing. If you are using fur or minky, pin A LOT! It likes to try to move while you are sewing:

Now, turn your inner stocking RIGHT SIDE OUT and your outer INSIDE OUT and stick the inner into the outer. Right sides will be together inside the stocking. Pin around the top:

Sew around the top leaving a 2-3 inch opening.

Turn it all right side out through that opening:

Smooth it all out and then align the fabric on the opening so that it is slightly folded inward and sew the opening closed.

Press the whole thing all nice.

Then fill ‘er up!

Kind of love these! I actually make one once with pink polka dot fabric on the outside and it was so cute!

Who will you give these cute and easy Christmas stockings to?


Credits: https://crazylittleprojects.com/10-minute-christmas-stocking-tutorial/


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