Easy Flower Maker ™ (Flower Stitch Presser Foot)

This fun to use foot makes pretty little flowers and circular designs. Use your machine's Zig Zag stitch to create beautiful little embellishments for all of your projects. You can even install a twin needle to easily create truly eye-catching colorful designs.

The Flower Stitch Presser Foot is a spring action foot used for making beautiful flower-like designs with a regular sewing machine. Set your machine on any zig-zag and watch the Daisy Stitch Foot rotate your fabric to create a beautiful circular pattern. This foot has adjustments allowing you to increase or decrease the size of circle pattern between ¼” to ¾”. Use a twin needle or sew around the circle multiple times and you will be able to achieve some very interesting designs.

You will love this item. You can do embroidery on jeans, jackets, cuffs, collars, buttons, … You are only limited by your imagination! Check out this blog post  (click the link to open) to see how Fancycollective.com staff member An made some beautiful flower embellishments on a self-made pouch with this presser foot.

This foot easily screws on to your sewing machine and is made to fit any Low Shank Sewing Machine. Do you have a Bernina sewing machine? Find your Bernina Adapter: Click here. 

How to know if you have a low shank sewing machine? Read this article.

Tips on use:

  • Remove your snap-on presser foot holder from your sewing machine shank before attaching the flower stitch foot.
  • Drop the feed dogs or cover them (depending on your machine model)
  • Use stabilizer under your fabric, it helps your stitches stay smooth and prevent puckering
  • Use forward stitches only

Example result with Zig Zag stitch:

Example result with Decorative stitch:

What Does The Flower Stitch Foot Do?

The flower stitch foot adjusts to give you small, medium, and large options for each recommended stitch pattern. You can even combine patterns to create your own unique designs made up of concentric circles. It can also be used to create eyelets.

Setting up the machine

1. Raise the needle and presser foot and remove the foot holder and standard presser foot. 
2. Thread the needle and bobbin.
3. Place the flower stitch foot in position. Make sure the Raising Lever sits above the needle clamp.
4. Use a screwdriver to tighten both the thumb screw and the needle set screw to prevent them from loosening while the attachment is working. 
5. Drop the feed dogs.
6. Reduce presser foot pressure to 3 and set the thread tension to 1 - 3
7. Adjust the stitch width to no more than 5mm. As shown below, you should try some test samples to review all the options you can achieve by varying the stitch itself as well as the stitch width. 

8. Loosen the back screw on the attachment (the screw that sits horizontally) to move the disc right and left between the and + marks embossed on the disc itself. This movement left and right determines the size of the flower. When set to your chosen position, re-tighten the screw.



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