Easy Hem Foot Tutorial - Create Perfect Hemlines With No Stress or Tears

Hemming has to be my least favorite part of sewing. I would rather gather a waist than to hem the bottom. To sew a perfect hem requires lots of time, which I currently don’t have a lot of.

As I was googling one night, I stumbled across a wide hem foot. I was a bridal seamstress previously, so I have experience with a narrow hem foot but I had never heard of a wide hem foot.

Of course, I purchased the set of three that night. If they didn’t work. Well, I’m very thankful for my impulsive purchase that night because my love for sewing has increased a little more.

I can now hem a skirt in 4 minutes flat. That’s right 4 minutes!! These wide hem feet are the absolute truth and must have! Every time I have used them, my hems have been perfect and even. It still seems too good to be true.

Okay so after you purchase them here is how you use them. If you don’t have experience with a narrow rolled hem foot, upon glance the wide hem foot can seem complex, but trust me it’s easier than it looks.

Okay, so here is the ½ inch wide hem foot. I use this most often because many of my favorite Ellie and Mac patterns call for a ½ inch hem.

These are snap-on presser feet which makes the process that much easier!
First, you want to iron down ½ inch on the first four inches or so on your fabric. This will help you to insert the fabric into the foot.

Then you will take the bottom of the fabric and slide it under and hook it around. It’s much easier to see how to insert the fabric, than it is to explain so be sure to check out the short YouTube video I have uploaded for all my fellow visual learners! ​Watch my Easy 30 Second Hem Tutorial Below. 


 Next, you will pull your rolled fabric underneath the presser foot.

Put your foot down and begin to sew, and admire the perfect hem as the fabric feeds through the wide hem foot with little effort from you. WALAH! You did it!!



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