Foot Fetish: Another Binding Foot!


This one is a little different than my adjustable binding foot. It works similarly, but the parts are all metal and not plastic. It isn’t adjustable and is just right for 1/2″ binding. I love that because I bought a bunch of single fold 1/2″ binding and I didn’t know what to do with it. (I normally despise single fold.) You insert single fold into this mechanism and it folds it over the fabric for you as you sew. No pinning! Amazing! I was also excited to learn that you can use it with 1/2″ ribbon and trim too!

You shove the binding into the little cyclone-shaped thing.

It’s really easy to slip it right in if you cut the end at an angle. But there are holes in the back of the foot so you can use a pin to help guide it though if you need to.

Fabric slips right in.

This is what it looks like in your machine:

Then you just run it through. You can adjust the needle to get the stitching where you want it. Ta-da! I can see myself adding this to the hems of sleeves before I sew them up or the tops of pockets, etc. Tiny binding is daunting sometimes, but this makes it way easier.

EasyBias™ Binder Foot




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