Handmade Fish Toss Game with Fabric Bucket

It’s a toss game and way super easy to sew up and play with the kiddos.  Pack all the little fishies in their bucket for a picnic game.

The fabric used was from the Breezy Batiks Collection. I loved, loved sewing with this fabric.  The prints are fun and don’t get me started on the colors! I don’t use batik fabric too often, but when I do I love them!

Handmade Fish Toss Game with a Fabric Bucket

The handmade fish toss game can be sewn however you like.  Matching fish –like 3 per person so you can keep track of who’s is who’s.  You can fill the whole bucket with a ton of fish!  Play house with them.  Whatever.  Make up your own rules and ideas and just go for it.

Materials Needed:

Fish template (click to download for free)
12″ X 12″ square of fabric for each fish —you can mix and match the front and back if you’d like and use smaller pieces. If this is for a game toss, then you might want to make sure 3-4 of them are matching on one side so you can sort them out for each player easily.

Fabric Bucket (Optional, you can use FABRIC that you want)

1 > 7″ X 30″ Blue for the ocean waves
2 > 7″ X 30″ Green for background and lining of basket
1 > 7″ X 30″ Fusible Fleece for stiffness
2 > 8″ X 8″ Bottom lining and outside
1 > 8″ X 8″ Fusible Fleece for stiffness

1) Print out template of fish and cut out
2) Lay fabric right sides facing out, pin template
3) Cut out using pinking shears
4) Sew all the way around the fish, leaving an opening for stuffing

5) Fill tail with poly beads, crushed walnut shells, or sand- something to give it some weight
6) Stuff firmly the rest of the fish body- the weighted fill will shift, that’s ok, just try to keep it inside the body and not leak out when you are stuffing the rest
7) Pin closed and sew the opening closed
Repeat with additional fish as needed

Fabric Bucket for Fish Instructions:

Cut: 2 > 2 1/2″ X 14″ handles
1) Fold handles right sides together and sew
2) Turn right sides out, iron. Set aside for later

BASKET~Sewing Instructions:
1) Place the fusible fleece on the wrong side of the outside fabric- right side facing out. Fuse it
2) Cut the blue fabric wavy with your rotary cutter. You can’t mess this up. Just have fun :)
3) Pin the blue fabric right sides facing out on top of the green background, lining up the bottom straight edge
4) Zig-zag along the raw edge wave of the blue wave to secure
5) Sew additional straight lines 1/4- 1/2″ from the last line sewn. Repeat 3-4 times- you will be sewing through the wave, the background and the fusible fleece

6) Fold in half and sew the ends together, making a tube
7) Fuse the fusible fleece to the bottom outside fabric
8) Pin right sides together the bucket tube to the bottom square. It will be tricky moving around those corners, but you can make it work
*When you get to the corner- keep the needle in the down position 1/4″ from the edge. Lift the pressure foot and pivot the fabric to the next side. Line up the edges and continue to sew. Repeat at each corner
9) Sew all the way around the square

1) Fold in half and sew the ends together- leaving a 3″ opening for turning later
2) Repeat steps 7-8 with the lining
3) Pin the handles to the ouside fabric- the end of the handles should be lined up with the top edge of the bucket
4) Stuff the bucket lining -right sides facing – to the outside bucket. Pin- making sure the bottom squares are lining up
5) Sew along the top edge of the bucket. Make sure the handles don’t shift
6) Turn right sides out through the hole in the lining
7) Stuff the lining inside the bucket and close the opening
8) Iron the top edge of the bucket. Sew 1/4″ from the edge along the top
9) Fold the handles in half length wise and sew along the edge- starting and stopping 2″ from the top edge of the bucket
10) Fill bucket with fish and have some fun!

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Credits: http://www.patchworkposse.com/handmade-fish-toss-game/


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