How To Use A Seam Ripper Properly

seam ripper is a tool used by seamstresses to remove stitches, open seams, cut threads and open buttonholes.  Seam rippers have a sharp us shape middle that cuts through stitches to make removing them easy. Make sure you use it properly to avoid ripping the fabric.

How to use a seam ripper properly

Types of Seam Rippers

The most common type consists of a “u” shaped blade attached to a handle.  One side of the “u” is longer than the other and is pointed.  The other side of the “u” often has a small plastic ball on it for protection.  The inner curve is the sharp cutting edge of the seam ripper.

The difference in most seam rippers consists of the design and length of the handles and the thickness of the cutting point.

I am using the Seam Ripper in the video. The Seam Ripper  quickly cuts threads and a rubber tip on the end  grabs and removes threads

There are also seam rippers for taking out serger and embroidery stitches.  These “c” shaped blades are generally surgically sharp and can remove a lot of stitching quite quickly.

How to keep your Seam Ripper in the best working condition:

  • First, store your seam ripper in a safe place, and use the cover to protect its sharp point.
  • Keep it clean; I periodically clean mine with rubbing alcohol to remove sticky debris that may accumulate from stabilizers, fabric glue, etc.
  • Over time and with heavy use, a seam ripper will dull. When that happens, it’s best to just replace it with a new one.


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