Binding isn’t one of those activities that I shout for joy when it’s time to get it done.  I know, I know….but it’s the end of the project and it’s great to Finally have things ready to be finished and done and all of that jazz.

But really.  I don’t like the prep work for it.  I’m not a big fan of pins that poke me every time I run my hand along the edge (not sure why I haven’t figured that one out).

Typically I use the machine for binding- both sides.  But in some cases, I need to do something a little bit different.  I need to use Clover Wonder Clips.

These are perfect for using with fabric that you don’t want any holes left in by pins.  Like – Leather, plastic…those kinds of fabrics.

They are also perfect f

or little hands that are just starting to sew and they aren’t ready to use the pins…or are afraid of pricking themselves with the pins they use.  These are great for grabbing and clipping a few spots to hold in place while maneuvering the needle of the sewing machine.  Perfect for clipping when you are hand or machine binding.  Perfect for keeping little piles of fabric together so you don’t loose your place or your pieces.

They are perfect for a lot of situations.

In the pictures, you see a curved binding.  These clips are perfect for that.  they keep things in place, but the fabric still has a little give and you won’t poke your fingertips with the pins while wrestling it all under the needle while stitching in place.  You know what I’m talking about!

Quick Summary — Clover Wonder Clips 

  • How to attach: Open the clip and pinch in place.  The teeth will keep it secure.
  • How to use:  Instead of using pins for binding, use clips. They have a clear flat side and a rounded red side. For hand sewing it wouldn’t matter which side was up, but if you work on a sewing machine and have the red rounded side down they will hook on the edge of your machine and sewing table. However, if you have the flat clear side down it rides up onto the bed of the machine very easily.
  • Where to get it?  It comes in a 50 Pack.
  • Why use it?  For some fabric like leather, vinyl – these clips are handy. They don’t poke a hole in your fabric.  Great for kids who are just beginning to sew as well.
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