How to Use the Darning Foot

These feet attach in slightly different ways to create a similar effect when quilting. Adding the quilted designs can be tricky, yet when using these feet its a joy.
Both feet are attached using a side screw, the video demonstrates this method very clearly.
When attaching #14 ensure the long metal bar goes over the needle pin, see photo.
This is what drives the movement of the foot, as the feed dogs will be dropped when sewing with this foot.
Ensure the feed dogs are either dropped or covered over, refer to your user manual if you are not sure which method is needed for your particular sewing machine.
You will be moving the fabric beneath the needle, rather than letting the feed dogs guide the fabric through.
It is this complete freedom of movement that allows the stunning quilting designs of hearts, feathers and more to be created.
When quilting you will need to drop the needle and hand crack to sew a single stitch. Pull through the lower thread to the top of the work, to avoid snagging. Tie it off and bury the loose ends in your work as soon as possible. This will avoid over sewing your loose ends, which then become far more difficult to remove neatly.
When you have finished you free motion work, bring both ends of the thread to the same side, tie off and bury in your work.
To Bury your loose ends simply thread them onto a hand needle and insert the needle into the same hole where the knot is, or just behind it.
Run the needle inside the layers of your quilt sandwich. It is a good idea to double-check the backside to make sure your threads aren't visible there.
Push the needle to the front of your quilt about an inch away from your starting point.
Pull your thread ends through and give them a gentle tug.
Make sure the knot pops below the surface of the fabric.
Use scissors to trim the tails, as you release the end it should slide back into your quilted fabric
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