Magic Embroidery Pen Reviews V.2

The magic embroidery pen makes punch needle embroidery easier. Punch-needle embroidery is different from the hand-stitching traditionally used.

This technique uses loop stitches made with a hollow needle, to create different textures, giving an almost 3-dimensional design on your chosen fabric. So where does the magic embroidery pen come into this?

What is the Magic Embroidery Pen?

Also called a punch needle – looks a lot like a thick pen with a hollow needle on the end. It comes as a set, with much of the same tools you’d need if you were starting an ordinary embroidery project.

What is Punch Needle Embroidery?

With punch needle stitching you can give your projects more texture, a bit like 3-D Embroidery. Instead of using flat stitches, the loops (created by punching down into the fabric with the magic embroidery pen) creating different stitch-heights. Mixing threads of different weights make it easy to create unique and beautiful, textured designs.

Instead of using a normal needle, you need a ‘punch needle’. The magic embroidery pen has a hollow center, where you feed the thread. The needle eye is at the very tip (unlike a sewing needle). The embroidery floss is threaded through this eye, ready for use.

You push the pen needle through the fabric repeatedly, creating loops on the back of the pattern (facing away from you). The size of the loops depends on the length of the needle.

If you are already an embroiderer, but not familiar with needle punch, you’ll enjoy being able to diversify your craft projects. Bearing some similarities to rug hooking, needle punch is a lot less fiddly than handling a tiny needle or sitting at your sewing machine for ages.

Note: you can’t use really lightweight materials with the punch needle. Monk’s Cloth is recommended, but anything with a fairly tight weave that will hold the loops should work (denim, linens)

Check out what the guys from HGTV think about punch needle embroidery – if they can do it, we all can!

Key Features

The ergonomically-designed magic embroidery pen is comfortable to hold. It’s easy to adjust the length of the needle thanks to the dial on the handle.

The length of the needle corresponds with the size of the loop you create. Being able to quickly change needle lengths means you can create design textures with different length loops.

Three different needle sizes allow you to use different yarn weights. As an example, for very delicate loops you could use only two or three strands of embroidery yarn. For more robust textures, you could use a six-stranded embroidery thread.

The supplied bamboo embroidery hoops are sturdy enough for most small projects. The brass screw allows you to adjust the tension on your fabric. Five different sizes allow you to have more than one on the go at a time.

Quick Tips

Remember you are working from the back of the fabric – the loops are created on the other side from where you push the needle. (Note: this is where it differs from rug-pulling).

Make sure that you push the needle all the way through the fabric each time. This way you’ll have even-sized loops.

Punch needle designs are quite delicate and best used on decorative items such as wall hangings, or a framed design. Something that gets a lot of use could easily see the loops getting pulled out, and ruined.

Changing needles can be a bit fiddly. Be sure to read the instruction manual, which is pretty good at explaining.

Especially for beginners, punch-needle tends to work better on tightly-woven textiles than on very fine material. Linens or fairly robust cotton with a tight weave is good to begin with.

A Note on Hooping

Make sure to have the fabric pulled taught over the hoop. To load the fabric you loosen the brass screw on the embroidery hoop, remove the smaller, inner hoop and drape your fabric over it. Pull the fabric tight and place the larger embroidery hoop around the outside, tightening with the brass screw.

This secures the fabric in place. If the fabric is too loosely hooped, then the needle has a tendency to fray the embroidery floss, and it’s hard to follow the pattern.

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