Make This FREE Quilt Pattern in a Flash (With No Wasted Fabric!)

Make this super easy and impressive Framed Nine-Patch Quilt using the fast, no-waste method below. This method uses 6'' strip pre-cut bundles, but you could easily use up scraps or strips already in your stash. 

I used Boundless Batiks in the Sunrise colorway for this tutorial. Plenty more colorways are available here.

This method makes two blocks at a time so there will be no leftovers or waste at all! And because it makes two blocks at a time these will sew up twice as fast. So let's get started.

Cutting instructions for each PAIR of blocks:

  • Cut 6 strips: 2'' x 6'' from a light fabric
  • Cut 6 strips: 2'' x 6'' from a dark fabric
  • Cut a 5'' section from the roll, then cross-cut it into four strips, each 1½'' x 5''
  • Cut a 7'' section from the roll, then cross-cut it into four strips, each 1½'' x 7''

So, you'll end up with a total of twelve 2" x 6" rectangles (half light, half dark) for the nine-patches, plus four 1.5'' x 5'' rectangles and four 1.5" x 7" rectangles for the frames.

Sewing instructions:

Step 1:

Sew the light and dark strips together into sets of three, alternating color. Press the seams toward the dark colors.

Step 2:

Layer the strips on the cutting mat, off setting them a bit to prevent the seams from being directly on top of one another. 

Cross-cut these strip sets into three units, each 2'' wide.

Step 3:

Sew the strip sets together, alternating them so they create a nine patch. Press the seams to one side.

Step 4:

Arrange the framing strips as shown above. Sew the two 1½'' x 5'' strips to opposite sides of the block. Press the seams toward the strips.

Then, sew the two 1½'' x 7 '' strips to the remaining two sides of the block. Press the seams toward the strips.

Step 5:

Trim the block to exactly 7" x 7" if needed.

Repeat with the second block, using the remaining pieces.

How to use the framed nine-patch blocks

The finished framed nine-patch will be ready to sew into any project you wish. It would make a cute mug rug all by itself. Sew 3 pairs and make a tiny doll quilt. Sew 4 pairs and make a pretty table runner. Or sew 18 pairs like I did and make a lovely wall hanging.

With 36 blocks, this quilt can be made by sewing six rows of six blocks each. Sew the rows together to create a quilt that measures 39'' x 39''. But no need to stop there — keep going and make any size quilt you prefer! This method is so fast and fun, you're sure to want to keep going.



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