MANUAL - Magnetic Seam Guide

A Magnetic Seam Guide helps you to achieve the perfect seam each time you use your sewing machine. With a seam guide, you can match one side of the fabric to the other, as well as minimize mistakes, and uneven stitching. Crafters and sewers of different skill levels can benefit from using a Magnetic Seam Guide for all of their sewing projects, big and small. The assistance of this simple tool offers is invaluable to sewers and quilters.

How the Magnetic Seam Guide Works

Magnetic Seam Guide is a small metal tool that attaches to any stitch plate of a sewing machine, near the presser foot. The magnet helps the fabric that is pulled forward by your sewing machine to stay firmly in place, giving you a solid, reliable guide for setting seam allowances and sewing straight lines. Choose a seam allowance width and easily remove or reposition the guide when you change your mind. A magnetic seam guide stays solidly in place on the stitch plate, and thanks to its strong magnetic "grip" it limits your chances for mistakes.

What is special about this tool?

A Magnetic Seam Guide is different from other types of seam guides because it is a small simple piece and attaches independently to the sewing machine. The Magnetic Seam Guide works along with the marks on the needle plate. You can attach it to the needle plate and - if you have a metal machine - you can position it anywhere at the base of the sewing machine. Stick it to any part of your metal sewing machine when it is not in use.

ATTENTION: While it is safe to use the Magnetic Seam Guide on the stitch plate of computerized sewing machines, touching the other parts of the sewing machine (e.g. the LCD screen) can cause serious damage to your machine.

Using the Magnetic Seam Guide is simple and requires little preparation to work perfectly for any projects.

1. Simply refer to a pattern or personal preference to determine seam allowance, and then attach the seam guide to the sewing machine using the built-in seam guide measurements to determine accurate placement.

2. Cut the fabric according to pattern specifications, and leaving an adequate amount of material to tuck into the seams. Different fabric types may require different placement of the magnetic seam allowance, so pay careful attention to the seam allowances during the first few uses of the magnetic guide to ensure proper spacing.

3. Thread the sewing machine with matching thread and prepare the fabric for sewing.

4. Align the seam edge along the magnetic seam guide and start to sew.



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