Sewing 101: 4 Sewing Tools You Must Own

Art and crafts projects use a broad range of materials including paper, paints, sewing tools, et al.

 Did you know that sewing, however, is one of the earliest forms of textile arts developed dating back to the Palaeolithic era? Some of the most famous art and craft applications of sewing are in fine hand sewing especially in haute couture, custom dressmaking, and high-quality tailoring. Textile artists, as well as hobbyists, use sewing as a means of expressing themselves creatively.

Here are some of the four essential sewing tools utilized in the modern day.

1. PRESSER FOOT (Click to view)

This attachment in sewing machines holds the fabric flat on the ground as the tailor feeds the material through the machine for stitching. Sewing machines have feed dogs that work to provide traction and move the fabric along. The Presser foot will keep the fabric flat to prevent the material from folding with the rise and fall of the sewing needle and pucker.

 The presser foot has a spring for providing flexibility as the fabric moves along. The presser foot has two toes that hold down the fabric on either side of the needle.

2. WALKING FOOT (Click to view)

This is another of the sewing machine mechanism that works to feed the fabric through the machine during the stitching process. A walking foot works best in the sewing of heavy-duty fabrics in cases where the needle is not equal to the task.

A sewing machine has either one or two walking feet that work in an alternating action. Different mechanisms combine with the walking foot such as the needle feed or the drop feed.

3. BIAS TAPE MAKERS (Click to view)

Bias is the diagonal grain line of a piece of fabric. Bias tape comes from strips of bias fabric, and the tape is for making binding seams, finishing raw edges, piping et al. Bias cut fabric strips are fed through a bias tape maker to make the tape.

The bias tape maker makes only a single fold tape, and for a double fold, one simply has to fold the fabric again.

4. NEEDLE THREADER (Click to view)

This device helps in putting thread through the eye of the sewing needle. There are many types of needle threaders available in the market, but the best ones are those that are easy to use and saves you time and effort.

It works by passing the loop of wire through the eye of the needle and the thread through the loop and pulls back the threader, and there you have threaded the needle.

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 Contributed by Jane Olsen, I Love Sewing

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