Sewing Machine Feet Guide – 10 Best Sewing Machine Feet

Use this sewing machine feet guide to make your sewing faster, more accurate and easier. Depending on the brand of your machine, the feet may be snap on or screw on. Most modern machines use the snap on method making it fast and easy to change feet. I’m sure you have quite a few of these that came with your machine. Why not try them and see how much it improves your sewing. A little extra time taken to get the right foot and needle in your machine can make your project turn into a professional looking item you will be proud of.



1. General Purpose Foot (Universal Foot)

All machines come with a general purpose metal foot which is used for straight stitching and simple zig-zag on a wide variety of fabrics.

2. Rolled Hemming Foot

A hemming foot is used to sew a narrow rolled hem on fine fabrics. It turns the hem and sews it in place all at the same time so saves you a lot of time in pressing. See how it has a curl front edge to turn the hem. (Read How to sew a tiny hem with the rolled hem foot)

3. Zipper Foot

This foot enables you to sew close to the edge of zipper teeth, piping, and bulky edges. Most zipper feet allow you to position the needle either to the left or right of the foot.

4. Overlock (Overedge) Foot

Most modern machines are able to create an overlocked edge for knits and wovens. This foot will help bind the edge neatly. 

5. Blind-Hemming Foot

This foot has a metal guide to create accurate stitching for your invisible blind hem. 

6. Teflon foot

This useful foot glides over leather and vinyl fabrics without sticking. I also use it a lot for sewing lycra and other difficult fabrics.

7. Gathering foot

This handy foot gathers lightweight fabrics as you sew. It can even gather and join fabrics at the same time. If you do gathering regularly it will save you so much time. 

8. Buttonhole Foot

The look of buttonhole feet do vary a lot from brand to brand but its purpose is to create smooth and perfect looking buttonholes. This one is from my Janome machine.

9. 1/4 inch seam foot

This foot will give you perfect 1/4 seams. You can purchase them with or without the guide. The foot with the guide is great for topstitching flaps on bags and clutches.

10. Ruffler foot

The last item in my sewing machine feet guide is the ruffler foot. This fancy contraption is amazing for pleating and gathering all kinds of fabrics. Like a gathering foot, it can ruffle and stitch to a flat piece of fabric all at the same time.




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