Sewing Machine Feet: The Edge Stitch Foot

Today, I want to talk about my favorite sewing machine foot, the Edge Stitch Foot #10.  Ask any Bernina owner about her favorite sewing machine foot and this foot will likely be the first one mentioned.

If you aren’t a Bernina owner, fear not, (almost) all manufacturers make some sort of edge stitching or top stitching foot. What makes this foot (and other top stitching feet) unique is the blade in the center. It allows you to align the blade along the edge of your fabric or on the seam line.

Since most sewing machines have the needle position default set at the center position, that means the blade and the needle are perfectly centered.  If you need to ‘stitch in the ditch’ then you would keep your needle in the center position and run the blade along the stitching line. Doing this will give you perfect ‘stitch in the ditch’ centered top stitching.

The foot is designed so the sewist can top stitch or edge stitch a project. It has a 5mm needle slot to allow for adjusting the needle position. These features should be common on most brands.

Take the needle a click or two to the left (or right) and you have perfect top stitching 2mm from the seam.  Continue to adjust your needle position and get an different look.

The edge stitch foot is perfect for finishing a seam with double top-stitching ~  like you see in ready-to-wear garments. To achieve this look you will need to purchase a double needle.

Double needle stitching with the edge stitch foot will give garments and home decor projects a nice, clean finish.

Occasionally you may want to attach something {like ribbon} that has a clean edge. This foot is perfect for such tasks. Align the blade along the clean edge and adjust the needle position.  It’s that easy.

I know that Bernina (and other manufacturers) have specialty feet for making pin tucks. I don’t do a lot of heirloom sewing, so spending money on a pin tuck foot would not be cost effective. Instead, I use the Edge Stitch foot for making pin tucks.

By folding back my fabric and adjusting the needle position, I am able to achieve perfect pin tucks.

You may have noticed that I love to applique onto fabric. I always use my edge stitch foot for applique projects because it allows me to get perfect stitching around my design.

Without it, I might miss a spot or two when top stitching the applique to my fabric.

Occasionally, it is necessary to join two pieces of clean-edged fabric together. This is seen in heirloom sewing ~ especially when inserting lace, finished-edge to finished-edge. This technique can be achieved by running the blade between the two clean edges using a zigzag stitch.

You may recall that I’m a novice quilter, but I am sure there are numerous ways that an edge stitch foot could be useful to quilters. I would love for you to share some of your ideas.

Since edge stitching and top stitching are decorative, you can get really creative. Try a rayon thread combined with a decorative stitch for some fun top stitching.

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