So many uses for buttons

Many of us have piles of buttons that have been collected over the years. They give you a spare button when you buy clothing, buttons fall off old clothes, or you buy an interesting button but never get round to using it. Here are some projects that I have come across that use buttons in unique and wonderful ways.

Decorate your Christmas tree in old-fashioned style. Cover polystyrene balls (at most art and craft shops) with colourful buttons. Use a Dremel Hot Glue Gun to stick the buttons onto the ball and then add a ribbon to hang on the tree.

Cut out festive shapes such as snowflakes and Christmas trees and glue buttons around the edge. Cut out the centre or fill in with a colourful design. Or recycle last year's Christmas cards with buttons and hang these on the tree.

ABOVE and BELOW: Dress up a plain purse or pocketbook with buttons, ribbon and charms. If you're handy with a sewing machine you can even make your own purse and dress up with ribbon and buttons - as per the design below.

white T-shirt for a little one. This one has added embroidery to make it look like a caterpillar. Takkies look gorgeous with added buttons - the more the better! The perfect button can really jazz up the look and make old takkies look new again. Using a hot glue gun carefully place button in desired position of shoe and let set. This will also give you an original look not found in stores.

ABOVE: Hair clips and hair bands look adorable when embellished with buttons. Adding different shapes and colours makes it a lot of fun for the kids.

If you want to freshen up an old lampshade, simply glue or sew on some buttons. Place buttons in a pattern or simply make a random design, gluing in place. In this lamp additional detail has been added with embroidery thread.

ABOVE and BELOW: Give an old picture frame a new look with a few decorative buttons. Just use your imagination and you'll have a great one of a kind project. Use a Dremel Hot Glue Gun to stick the buttons onto the front of the frame.

ABOVE and BELOW: Dress up a pillow with buttons and braid. You can sew or hot glue the trim and buttons in place, but for a lasting effect it's best to sew them on. Use buttons of a similar colour, or different colours - to add names to your favourite cushions.


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