Do you ever do a project and then love it so much that you just can’t stop staring at it and loving it? That’s how I feel about this project. I finished the Christmas pillow late one night and set it on my dresser as I climbed into bed. As my husband and I laid there talking I just kept looking at it and saying “I love that pillow!” I love it when a project turns out like that. I hope you will love these too. They are Thanksgiving and Christmas Throw Pillows that you can easily make yourself!

Ok, I guess this one is more of a Fall pillow, but I imagine using it during November:

I made these using my Cricut Explore machine. You’re going to for sure need a cutting machine of some sort to make these. If you don’t have one, now is a great time to get one! So many fun holiday projects that you can do with one!



Supplies Needed:

  • Pillow Form: Mine is 20 x 20 inches
  • Fabric: You’ll need about a yard of fabric. I bought canvas fabric but you can do just regular cotton if you prefer. The canvas is just a little nicer. Note that my canvas was 60 inches wide. Whatever you buy, make sure that you have enough to cut two pieces that are about 20″ by 21,” so if your fabric is a different width you may need to adjust how much you get.
  • OR buy a pre-made pillow cover if you are not the sewing type.
  • Circut Cutting Machine
  • Cricut Weeder Tool
  • Iron On Vinyl: For the White (on the Christmas pillow) I used Cricut vinyl, for the other colors I bought it at Expressions Vinyl here. I found white at my craft store but not the other colors so i had to order them online.
  • Iron



If you are making your pillow cover, cut your fabric 20″ by 21.” Cut two of these.

In the Cricut design space, I designed this: (get it here so that you can use it when you are logged in to design space)


If opening it in Design Space doesn’t work or if you are using something else to cut this file, here is a graphic that you can use. Save this and then open this in your program and then cut: (Note that this is slightly different. I lost the original file when I switched computers, so I recreated it as closely as I could.)

For the Christmas pillow, cutting is easy because it is all the same color. You will just use one sheet of white iron on to cut.

Put it on your mat with face down. Before cutting make sure that you click mirror image so that it cuts it backwards.

Cut it out, then peel everything but the words out. I used my weeder to get all the little stuff.

Grab one of your pieces of fabric. Center your vinyl on the pillow form with the sticky side down.

Heat your iron up to the highest setting with no steam. Place a piece of fabric over your text and iron for several minutes:

Make sure you go back and forth over the whole thing. When you think you have ironed it enough, gently lift part of the plastic sheeting to see if the words have adhered. If not, keep ironing. If they have, gently peel off the plastic:

Now grab your other piece of fabric and sew around the pillow leaving about a 10 inch opening in the center of the bottom. Turn it right side out and push out all of the corners.

Stuff your pillow inside and then sew the opening shut.

For the Fall Pillow here is access to the template.

Here’s a graphic that you can save and use for this one if you prefer or if that works better:

This one will cut on 4 different sheets and then you will need to piece it together to iron it on, so it’s a little trickier but still doable.


Throw them on a couch or chair and feel festive for the holidays!





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