The real secret of having more time to sew...

The real secret of having more time to sew...

I can't give you more time in your day but...

I can help you get more sewing done - with the time you have :-)


Did you have fun wishing to the Sewing Fairy Godmother? I know I did, and thank you for writing to me with your sewing wishes!

Of all the wishes, one thing stood out...


"I wish there was more time in the day to sew!"

It's true - none of us had any more hours in the day. So how do you get more out of your (already busy) day for sewing?

You Decide. And you plan ahead to make it happen.

That was what I did when I first got hooked on patchwork. 

My life as a fashion designer was frantic with long hours (didn't end well). At the time, there could be 48 hrs in a day and I'd still have enough work to fill each minute. 

But I had to do something with my hands - just for me - to balance the stress. There was simply no other way. 

What to do with quilting project, when you don't have time...

First, choose your fabrics in daylight hours (or anytime - with endless natural light) before you start. 

Then, do ALL the rotary cutting and any appliqué tracing (with one of these) after dinner, and organize the blocks into little ziplock bags. One block per bag.

For hand-piecing or appliqué blocks, I put a filled bobbin, a needle, and a small pair of scissors in the ziplock bag, and this goes into my handbag. Whenever there was a spare moment, I'd work on my block.

Tiny snippets of time during breaks, on the train, waiting for people, in between appointments, watching kids sports... they all add up. You'd be surprised how much you get done, if you choose to stitch instead of checking social media on your phone :-)

For machine works, I save them for a longer session. Getting up a couple of hours before everybody, or late at night when the phone won't ring and no one else is awake. Put your devices away and turn the TV off.

Put on your favorite music and turn the smart iron on. Fill a few bobbins before you start so there's no need to stop halfway. It always takes me about 10 to 15 mins to get into a nice humming rhythm.

Machine piecing is so rewarding (especially when your 1/4 inch seam is precise) - your pieces turn into block, blocks turn into rows, and rows go together into quilt tops. You're in the zone while the machine whizzes away - then all of a sudden you have something that resembles a quilt and ready to for boarder. Whoa - how did that happen?! So satisfying...

My absolute favorite time was early Sunday morning. 

When the whole world sleeps in, I sandwich my quilts, put on my walking foot or free-motion quilting foot, and get quilting. While I didn't have a fancy machine with large throat area, I made-do with smaller projects. 

Get your binding on and you're done!

But... None of this would happen if I hadn't made a clear, firm decision first. Life's full of distractions and everyone around us seem to need some attention. True, right?

The thing I did was to say NO more than YES.

Be protective of your own time so that you can recharge.

Because only when we feel happy and fulfilled could we become the BEST of ourselves to the rest of the world. Better spouse, better parents, better friends, and better daughter.

Give yourself permission for some "me" time makes you a better you.

Of course, none of it is easy. But it's worth it :-)

What are some of the time-saving tip you have?

Simply Reply so I could share your wisdom to help other readers :-)



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