The Roller Foot


Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!!

Today, I am introducing you to a fun little sewing foot I stumbled across while shopping in the Los Angeles Fabric District. It has become my new best friend when sewing with leather, vinyls, and other ‘sticky’ fabrics. The Roller Foot.

This nifty little foot is one of the attachments you can purchase, typically ranging anywhere from $24.99, and snaps right onto the shank of most sewing machines. You can find it in What does it do?  Snap it onto your machine, and it literally helps your sticky fabric roll right on through. You no longer have to worry about your fabric getting stuck to the bottom of your regular presser foot, and it works even better than the scotch tape trick! One of the things I love to make with leather scraps are little leather bows.

When I need a handmade birthday present in a pinch, I have found that a simple elastic waist skirt and leather bow barrette can go a long way.  They take less than 5 minutes to sew, and look like they cost a boutique fortune!  Here is how I do it…
How to sew a leather bow. 
From there, it is a simple case of using gorilla glue to adhere to your choice of hair accessory (headband, alligator clip, snap clip, etc.). Let dry, and enjoy!
Learning new sewing tips and tricks that help you on my sewing journey.  It is my sincere hope that this post will encourage others to work more with ‘difficult’ fabrics, and step outside the box with their sewing. The roller foot is a great start!



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