The Ultimate List of FAVORITE Sewing Supplies

I get asked quite a bit what types of supplies I prefer using while sewing.  I have used a variety of sewing tools and supplies over the years……some I love and some rarely get used.  My husband tends to call me a bit of a craft hoarder, but I just like to call it being prepared! ;) Because you just never know what you might need…ha!

 But, if I really had to narrow it down, here’s a list of items that I would recommend to someone wanting to get started with sewing.  Or even someone who would like to bulk up their supplies, to have more on hand.  Because nothing’s worse than sitting down to sew something, and you don’t have everything you need.

Hopefully, this is helpful……and can also be used as a “hint-hint birthday list” to pass on to a husband/mom/grandma/etc. :)

1. Laser Guided Scissors - easy to use, light touch operation makes them ideal for people who suffer from arthritis. Cuts faster than any other scissors available. Use for crafts, wrapping gifts, fabric and more.

2. 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter -  if you don’t need a full rotary set, this is a great rotary cutter, with a contoured cutter. Especially if you’re doing a lot of cutting.

3. 28mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter - This rotary is used mainly for cutting out patterns. It works well going around curves and cutting through different types of fabrics. I am very pleased with the blade and its cutting ability.


4. Self-Healing Cutting Mat - The mat is spectacular. Perfect size for quilting projects; sits next to my machine so I can cut and sew. Sturdy and durable and very efficient to use.


5. Zig Zag Tailor Scissors - oh, how I love these!  it cuts in a zig-zag and is just what you need to give you're an edge of fabric a quick finish.  Because a zig-zag cut won’t fray like a straight edge will.  Pretty cool pair of scissors!


6. Craftwork DIY Pins (100 Pieces) - I love quilting and using fun, decorated quilting tools make me enjoy my crafting even more. When I ordered these quilting pins I was drawn to the cute button heads. When I started to use my new pins I got a wonderfully delightful surprise. The cute button heads make pinning my fabrics easier than any other pins I have ever used before. Holding the button head gives me great control for placement and the 2-inch length is perfect. I will be buying more of these pins to add to my quilting/sewing needs.


7. Seam Ripper or Sewing Thread Cutter Tool -  I can’t even tell you how much use I get out of my seam ripper.  There are so many variations of the seam ripper but as long as it’s sharp, it works for me!  No need to spend a ton of money on one (or three)…..but trust me, this is a necessity!

8. Rainbow Sewing Plastic Bobbins (25-Piece) with Box Organizer - you can never have too many bobbins. So buy lots of them!!!

9. Stainless Steel Sewing Needles Set - even if you have a sewing machine, there’s always a time you need to hand stitch something closed, sew on a button, etc.  A simple set of needles is perfect for that.

10. Buttons — these are something that is great to have on hand, especially a variety of colors and styles.  No just never know when you’ll need them.



11. Cute Polka Dots Buttons - these aren’t necessarily a necessity, but are so cute.

12. Fabric Wheel Chalk — some sort of temporary writing tool is really great to have on hand, when marking fabric while sewing.  This chalk makes really thin lines, which helps with accuracy.  But the magic erase markers are really cool too.  Just use what you like best!

13. Bias Tape Maker Set — making Bias Tape can take some time……but using these little tools speed up the process and create nice sharp even folds and lines!  I recently purchased this exact set, and am in LOVE!


14. Sewing Clips — using pins to attach layers of fabric together sometimes bends fabric and makes it hard to sew the fabric evenly.  These clips are such a great tool to keep layers together and in place….especially when you don’t want to poke holes through a material like leather or vinyl.

1 binding clips

15. Durable DIY Zipper - I use zippers often, on more than just clothing.  They’re great for pouches, clutches, totes, etc.  And I always have a variety of colors on hand, because I never know when I’ll need one. 

16. Thimble - I was using a thimble that covered the whole tip of my finger and I thought that there had to be something a little more comfortable and better. I looked up Thimbles and this one popped up! Yup! This one is very nice. You can adjust it so that it fits your finger without slipping, and the whole top part is open so your finger doesn't feel claustrophobic. I've been using this to push my needles through lightweight leathers. It's awesome and I'll probably by a back up.

17. Metal Sewing Box - I really love metal sewing box, it really helps organize small items in one place.

18. Needle Felting PenComfortable and easy to use, this pen uses one, five or six needles. This pen makes quick work of needle felting! Easily replace needles with all-purpose fine weight needles.

19. Handy Scissorslove this little scissor. It's perfect for hand sewing when you need to take up a hem or do a little mending. It makes a nice clean cut so it's easier to thread the needle.

20. Quick Stitch - For a quick and easy way to repair items without the hassle, try this hand-held sewing machine. It’s compact and portable, excellent for on-the-spot repairs. 

There are many more sewing tools out there…..but this is a really great start!




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