Top Sewing Tools of 2020!

As a sewing beginner, you don’t have to have every sewing tool ever sold in your toolkit. Depending on what type of sewing projects you start with, some sewing tools you just won’t need right away. You can add tools to your sewing kit as you need them. So what sewing tools should you start out with? Today, I’m going to tell you about Top Sewing Product of 2020. 

There are obvious tools, like a sewing machine and a good iron, that are absolutely essential. You need them immediately, of course.

The Top sewing tools listed below are tools that will give you a great start and take you a long way in your sewing journey. And some of these sewing tools don’t have to be bought often or more than once unless you lose them.

When I started sewing, I tried to sew without some of the right sewing tools to save money and what I thought would be saving time. Many sewing projects later, I realized that was a mistake. I could’ve saved time, money and effort if I had just invested in the right sewing tools from the beginning.

The right tools for you may not be every tool on this list. It really depends on what kind of sewing projects you’ll be starting with. But if there is a tool that is essential to the success of your project, then that’s the tool you need to invest in even if it’s not on this list.

We don’t want our sewing projects to look homemade. We not only want them to look professionally made but we also want to enjoy the process of making them. Investing in the right sewing tools for your projects will help you do that.

Here are the Top Sewing Tools:

Hand Sewing 

If you’re anything like me, you’d love to avoid hand sewing. Like always and forever (no offense to those of you who love hand sewing.) But unfortunately, that’s not possible. There are some projects that will require you to do some hand sewing. Even if it’s as little as sewing a hook & eye to a skirt waistband, you need the sewing tools that’ll at least make hand sewing bearable. Below are 3 basic essentials for hand sewing.

Hand Sewing Needles

As you know, hand needles come in different sizes and have different uses. This handy guide shows you the types of needles available and their uses. Knowing this information will help you choose the right of needle for your project and for the weight of your fabric.

Needle Threader

Needles threaders are from very simple to very sophisticated in design and most can be used with both hand needles and sewing machine needles. But they all serve the same purpose, to aid us in getting the thread through that teeny-tiny eye of the needle. Yes, this can be challenging my friend and may require several tries. And glasses. And a magnifying glass-unless you have a needle threader. The needle threader helps you get that needle threaded the first time. Now, who doesn’t love a tool that saves you multiple tries and eye strain? 


Your pattern pieces are full of symbols that aid you in sewing your pieces together. You may be tempted to skip transferring those symbols to your fabric like I did in the beginning. If you don’t take the time to mark your fabric you will have problems as you’re sewing your project together. You’ll also waste a lot of time correcting mistakes or going back to mark your pieces.

It’s important to mark your fabric BEFORE you remove your pattern pieces. That way nothing has a chance to move or shift and your markings will be in the right place. Below are 3 tools I use for marking. You can choose those you like to work with best.

Tailor’s Chalk, Pencils & Pens

Pencils, pens and tailor’s chalk can also be used to transfer your pattern markings to your fabric. It’ll take a little longer because both fabric layers will have to be marked individually. Some people prefer pens, pencils or tailor’s chalk because their markings are easily removed. In fact, pens with water-soluble ink can be easily removed with a damp cloth, as long as you don’t iron over it or wash your the fabric beforehand.

These are great marking tools when you only have to mark one layer of fabric. They’re also good for marking the right side of your fabric for things such as pocket placement or stitching guidelines.

Grit™ Fabric Chalk Wheel


Measuring accurately is very important in sewing, so no “eyeballing it” people! You’ll have inches/centimeters on the brain before you know it, as you calculate and become familiar with seam allowances, etc. Below are 3 basic tools you should start with.

Multi Function Fabric Ruler

Square Patchwork Ruler


Straight Pins

Pins will play a huge part in your sewing. I know some sewing experts suggest that you don’t use pins for cutting or sewing. But as a beginner, I recommend you use pins. They are not the enemy and are very good at holding things in place while you cut and sew. And the sharper your pins are the better.

Don’t be sucked into buying pins because they’re a certain color or have a cute head in some cute little shape. Buy them because they’re functional, go into and come out of your fabric with very little effort and don’t snag or pull your fabric.

Rainbow Pearl Head Pins (200 Pieces)

Craftwork DIY Pins (100 Pieces)
Pin Cushion

The reason I say a pin cushion, or if you prefer a pin magnet, is necessary is because they keep your pins at your fingertips as you sew. They also stop your pins from rolling under your sewing machine onto the floor. There’s nothing worse than spending the limited time you have to sew looking for pins or anything else. A pincushion next to your sewing machine or on your wrist is not only convenient but helps you grab a pin or 2 without a major interruption to what you’re doing.

Magnetic Wrist Pincushion


I must admit, this is my least favorite part of sewing, but there’s no getting around it. So, you might as well make sure you have the best cutting tool possible.

Antique Sewing Scissors

Handy Scissors


50-Piece Wonder Clips (Sewing, Quilting, Crocheting, Beading, Knitting)

Sewing Foot 

Parallel Stitch Presser Foot

Stitch in the Ditch Foot / Edge Joining Presser Foot

Non-Stick Teflon Foot

Sewing Machine Ruffler Foot

Over Cast Foot

FEEL THE BEAD Presser Foot

Top Stitch™ Guide Presser Foot

Easy Flower Maker ™ (Flower Stitch Presser Foot)

Snap-On Gathering Foot

Free Motion Darning Embroidery Foot

Sewing Machine Universal Walking Foot

Sewing Machine Bias Binding Foot

Grit™ Magnetic Seam Guide

Gathering Presser Foot

Sewing Machine Roller Foot

2-Sided Hot Zipper Foot

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