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Please give a warm welcome to Tori from Totally Stitchin’.   She is sharing a fun project using one of her favorite tools; the walking foot.

Quilted Wall Hanging

Totally Stitchin': National Sewing Month Wall Hanging Trio

I’d like to share a quick and easy home decor project with you. This project is a quick sew and a great way to practice basic sewing skills. Let’s get going!


  • 3 Wooden hand-embroidery hoops: 6″, 8″, 10″
  • Two 12″ square pieces of white fabric, cotton or broadcloth works great
  • Two 10″ square pieces of white fabric
  • Two 8″ square pieces of white fabric
  • One 12″ square piece of batting
  • One 10″ square piece of batting
  • One 8″ square piece of batting
  • Neon green thread
  • Bright blue thread
  • Sewing machine with walking foot and guide
  • Pins, scissors, rotary cutter, mat, etc.


1. Make your mini quilt sandwiches.

Take the 8″ batting square and “sandwich” it in between the two 8″ pieces of white fabric, and pin baste. Repeat with the 10″ and 12″ squares.

2. Get your machine ready to sew.

Start by threading your machine with the neon green thread. Next, attach your walking foot with guide according to your machine instructions. Add the guide and set it so that it is resting at 1″.

Since you can’t reverse stitch with a walking foot, select a straight stitch with reinforcement stitches. On a Baby Lock machine, reinforcement stitches are indicated with a small black square at the top of the stitch.

3. Quilt Your 8″ Quilt Sandwich

Take your 8″ quilt sandwich and line up one edge with the guide, making sure that your quilt sandwich is underneath the needle and ready to be sewn. Lower your presser foot and reinforce that first stitch. Keeping the edge of fabric in line with the guide, sew a straight line from the top to the bottom edge. Clip your threads, align the first stitched line with the guide, and sew another straight line. Repeat this process across the length of the fabric.

*Side Note: One of my favorite things about my Baby Lock machine is the automatic thread cutter feature. Hit the “scissors” button, and voila! No long crazy threads to deal with!

4. Quilt your 10″ Quilt Sandwich

Rethread your machine with your blue thread. Then, quilt your 10″ square using the method in Step 3.

5. Quilt your 12″ Quilt Sandwich

Keep the blue thread in your machine, and quilt your 12″ square using the method in Step 3. After that is complete, rethread your machine with the same neon green thread that you used for the 8″ square. Rotate your 12″ square so that your blue lines are going horizontal. Now, sew vertical, straight lines using the method in Step 3. You’ll end up with a grid-type look.

6. Hoop Your Squares

Grab your 8″ square and your 6″ embroidery hoop. Turn your 8″ square so that the lines are going horizontally and place it in the embroidery hoop.

Take your 10″ square and 8″ embroidery hoop, and hoop your quilted 10″ square so that the lines are going vertically. Lastly, hoop your 12″ square in the 10″ hoop.

*Make sure to tighten the screw on the hoop, so that the fabric is tight and secure.

7. Finish and Hang

Trim the excess fabric from around each hoop so that there isn’t any showing from the front.

These fun and easy quilted wall hangings are now ready to be hung!



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