What is a Thimble and What is it Used For?

So, what is a thimble? A thimble is a small cover that goes on the end of your finger to protect it from being pricked by a needle when hand sewing. This is especially important when you are sewing thick fabrics or leather and need a bit of pressure to push the needle through the fabric. They are also essential when you are doing prolonged hand sewing or beading where there is an increased risk of you pricking yourself repeatedly.

Most thimbles have lots of little indents so that the end of the needle won’t slip when you push it through. They are generally worn on the middle finger but you can put it on your index finger or even thumb if that is more comfortable with your sewing style. I tend to favor wearing mine on my index finger.

What is a Thimble: Types

Modern thimbles are made of metal, leather or rubber. Years ago I remember my mother having some ceramic ones with tiny little paintings on them. They weren’t very practical to use but were beautiful to look at.  Some thimbles or finger guards can even have cutouts for your nails to poke through, so no need to reach for the nail scissors!

Leather thimbles are popular for quilting and hand embroidery as they are more flexible and your finger tends to sweat less. Over time they mold to your finger making them even more comfortable.

Antique thimbles are often considered valuable collectibles and were often made from brass or silver and even bone, glass, wood and porcelain. Many have intricate carvings and designs. Pure silver tends to dent and mark easily as it is a soft metal so many antique thimbles were silver plated over steel for durability. If you want to start collecting thimbles then Fancycollective is a great place to start. The nice thing about collecting thimbles is that they are small and so easy to display even if you have limited room.

Trivia – Did you know that thimble collectors are called digitabulists

Where to Buy Thimbles

Thimbles can be purchased online from Fancycollective. There are usually very affordable but you may need to test a few to get one that fits perfectly and is comfortable for prolonged sewing.


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