What You Need to Know About Seam Rippers

Let’s face it, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend; a seam ripper is. I keep one in my purse, one in my closet, and a few in my sewing room. Here are some essential tips to make sure you’re using your seam ripper/best friend correctly.

When you do have to rip-rip-rip, make sure to tear all the thread in areas where you backstitched. After that, you should only have to tear every third to fourth stitch. If a certain stitch is stubborn, don’t get frustrated; just move on to the one right behind or just in front of it.

Remember that the blade is in the curve on the inside, not the pointy part. So, you want to follow through with your slicing motion all the way to the curve.

For larger ripping sections, you can also pull apart the two fabrics and slide the seam ripper between them, from below the stitches. You have to be extra careful doing this, though. Otherwise, your fabric may end up with holes.

Even though it can be incredibly frustrating to have to rip out stitches, always go slow and rip calmly. Angry ripping is likely to end in the torn fabric.

It is important to have a good seam ripper that is easy for you to use. That little dinky one that comes with your machine will just break, so it is worth it to invest in a better quality seam ripper – something that is sturdier and has a comfortable handle.

It can also be helpful to have two rippers, one smaller and one larger (some have both sizes). If you can find one that is pretty, even better!

Happy ripping!




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