Automatic Spool Knitter
Automatic Spool Knitter

Automatic Spool Knitter

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★★★★ Ridiculously fun. I've put almost 2,000 yards of fingering weight yarn through my mill and it's been great. I looked up online how to take it apart to dust it after a particularly fuzzy yarn. It was a bit challenging for me to put back together but I got it and it's back to going smoothly. A very well put together little tool for the priceDenise Flamming, 38, Arizona, Knitting For 5 Years

★★★★ I really like this! I have some large knitting machines (like this product only make hat sized tubes), and I wish they worked this well! Once I got it going, I had ZERO skipped stitches and zero problems (well, aside from it getting twisted up in itself, but hopefully I will perfect that technique). It makes a perfect I-cord that I remember making on my knitty nobby as a child and it took forever... in like five minutes! I bought it for one project, but I think I will use this for a lot more now that I have it. Julia Milliner, 77, New York, Quilter For 40 years.

★★★★★ This is FANTASTIC. Make MILES AND MILES of i-cord in MINUTES, especially with the (unauthorized) use of a low-torque electric screwdriver. Alicia Tusk, New Jersey, Sewing For 3 Years

Product description

Embellish your knit and crochet projects with fancy cords frogs and closures.

  • Embellish-Knit. Machine, weighted clip, tapestry needles, practice ball of yarn, color instructions and 5 project patterns.
  • Knit 18 feet of cording in just 10 minutes-even use lightweight fancy yarns such as eyelash and ribbon-types.
  • Here are just a few of the possibilities for using cording made on the  Automatic Spool Knitter  :
  • fancy or plain cording as a trim to the edgings of afghans and jackets handles and straps on purses trims for kids' hats and sweaters braids for belts looped and braided scarves knotted mesh tote bags flower accents and more. Embellish-knit. Machine measures 5 1/2 by 4 inches.