Blind Hem Presser Foot
Blind Hem Presser Foot
Blind Hem Presser Foot

Blind Hem Presser Foot

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★★★★ " I'm a new sewer, and I did not feel comfortable doing a blind hem on my dress pants. I bought this to help, and it worked perfectly! Definitely practice on scrap fabric first to figure everything out. I wish it had come with instructions, but the end product was great. I'm 5'1", so I'll be hemming a lot more pants with this! Thank you!!" Lisa Bell, Ohio, Sewing For 5 Months

★★★★★ "Love this foot. Use it for top stitching and seams because it gives you a straight line of stitching. The adjustable edge makes it extremely versatile." Veronica Fodel, Tailor @ TailorMart

Are you sick of that ever-growing pile of pants / skirts / whatever that need blind-hemming... because you're just not in the mood for hand-sewing? 

How many times have you gone to get dressed in a hurry, only to find the hems of your pants or skirts have come undone, but there is NO time to go to your tailor for blind-hems?

As a formally trained Fashion & Textile Designer, and now a Quilter and Patchwork Teacher I have spent 10 years sharing the joy of Patchwork and teaching others. 

So I know that how much easier it will be for you to create beautiful results with less frustration and physical discomfort simply by having the right tools for the job. After all... we all want to have fun enjoying our hobby and rather than struggling and swearing... right?

The Secret Weapon that takes the stress out of blind hemming is a Blind Hem Stitch Foot!

Using this foot ensures your blind hem is always neat and professional-looking; without having to painstakingly hand finish your garments!

What is a Blind Hem?

A blind hem refers to an invisible hem - as opposed to a straight stitched hem where you can see the stitch line on the right side of your garment.

Blind hems are commonly used on better quality / more dressy garments such as tailor pants and skirts.

Key Features: 

Adjustable sole plate secures fabrics as blind hems are created with machines
Foot opening can accommodate any left to right needle position
Seam guide moves easily with the rotation of the channeled washer to create custom seam width sizes
Genuine Made Accessory

★★★★ " Finally, had a chance to try and mend some of the pants with the blind stitch features.Denise Fila, Kansas, Sewing For 2 Years

This Blind Hem Stitch Foot will soon be your indispensable companion: 

  • A perfect partner for your sewing machines! (This is a snap-on so it can fit all! machines!)
  • Designed to fit all Top Loading & some Basic Front Loading Machines and other brands of domestic machines - perfect for everyone!
  • Made with durable Metal & Resin, this Foot has been made to equivalent specification by a reputable manufacturer and it has the same superior workmanship without the price tag... so you can go fabric shopping with the money you save (YAY)!

What makes this foot "universal"? How does it adjust?

Take a closer look, you will see this adjustable screw or "dial" which controls the white "guide".

By moving the dial, you will notice that whole guide moves - left or right.

This means no matter where your needle position might be, or whether your machine allows you to change needle positions, you can ALWAYS make fine adjustments to ensure that your blind hem comes out perfect - to suit your particular garment - no matter what fabric type of weight.

For BEST results, test on a piece of scrap first....

How "invisible" is this blind hem done on my machine?

Just like hand-stitched blind hems, the machine-sewn version is not completely invisible, but ALMOST invisible. You'd have to look fairly closely to see it...

Depending on the fabric, texture, print & colour of your fabric can also determine how invisible your blind hems are.

You probably don't have a hemmer sitting around (nor would you want to - an industrial hammer only does blind hem and nothing else), but you can achieve very similar effects with the blind hem stitch! It's the next best thing to an industrial hemmer. 

★★★★★ "This foot is awesome. My sewing has always resembled that of a three year old Terrier...until I got THIS foot! My first hem looked professional!" Cheryl Pens, Sewing For 2 Years, California

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