Universal Snap On Low Shank Adapter
Universal Snap On Low Shank Adapter

Universal Snap On Low Shank Adapter

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Easy to use! Make your low shank sewing machine to a snap on!


★★★★★ "While changing from my Regular Machine Foot to a Walking Foot, I somehow lost that 'connecting thingie' and didn't realise how much trouble I'd be in.... Just as well I found this, and I now know that 'thingie' is called a 'Snap-on Foot Adaptor'... hehe."  Alannah Towtage, 39, Texas, Quilting Teacher

★★★★★ Now that I bought myself a spare adaptor (AND found the one I thought I lost), I will always be able to use the right machine foot for the right job. Make sure you keep a spare one in your sewing box...." Mary Linnal, 45, and Marianne Linnal, 12, Sewing Mum and Daughter


Ask anybody who sews..... 

There is NOTHING more frustrating than not being able to use your snap-on feet......

.... because you've lost your Snap-on Foot Adaptor!

Most of us have experienced this, sometimes all too often....

Imagine this: When your project calls for a walking foot, you go to undo your regular machine foot, which is a snap-on foot that connects to an "ankle" thing that has either a button or a lever which can fasten or loosen your snap-on foot in a flash.

This thing is called a Snap-on Foot Adaptor / Adapter.
Most of the general presser feet that come with your sewing machine are "Snap-On" or "Clip-On". Every domestic sewing machine comes with a Foot Adapter so the various feet can simply get "snapped" or "clipped" in place. 

The challenge of having to do this is remembering where you last put your Snap-on Foot Adapter!!

Imagine trying to get you regular sewing foot back on, after finishing with your job on hand, and..... 

.....for the life of you, 
 did that damn adapter go???

Now What Do You Do?

What would it be like to NEVER have to worry about losing your adaptor, ever again?
Imagine being able to change your presser foot whenever you need, knowing that you can change it back, easily, quickly, and stress-free because you have a simple solution!

Often the hard part is to come up with exactly the right tool, for the right job, at the right price.

Hey, it's like having a spare tire in your sewing box...! You wouldn't drive off in your car without a spare tire, so why would you drive your sewing machine without one?

This Generic Snap-on Foot Adaptor will soon be your indispensable companion:

  • A perfect partner for your all Sewing Machines and most brands of domestic machines with Low Shank - perfect for everyone!
  • Made with durable Metal, this Snap-on Foot Adapter has been made to equivalent specification by a reputable manufacturer and it has the same superior workmanship without the price tag... so you can go fabric shopping with the money you save (YAY)!
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